African wild dogs vote by sneezing

In the most recent edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (September: Vol 284, Issue 1862), an article was published about a new behavior observation of African wild dogs. The researchers observed five packs of dogs over the course of a year and found that these highly social animals would make group decisions by casting their “vote” by sneezing. Voting within a group is not a new observation but what was new was the sneezing. The New York Times posted an article discussing the original research and had an accompanying video where you can hear the sneeze voting occurring, which you can see below.

This is particularly fascinating to us because one of our dogs, Nana, will sneeze repeatedly while we prepare her meals. An observation of dogs in the wild could also explain the behavior of our dog 😮! We adopted Nana when she was two from the Humane Society so we have never been sure why she sneezes while waiting for her meal, but now we might have some sort of explanation for it.